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We do the groundwork that makes your project more remarkable.

LOUCKS is a premier, multidisciplinary consulting firm that inspires clients to make the best use of their land.

Since 1976, the team at Loucks has helped local, regional, and national clients develop remarkable project sites. Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Loucks provides a range of services and broad experience across multiple sectors – combining understanding and foresight with analytical, creative thinking to get better projects off the ground.

Our Civil Engineering team builds in efficiencies and develops cutting-edge solutions to facilitate successful site design.

Clients rely on Loucks’ Land Surveying expertise and Hazwoper-certified crews for a wide range of projects.

Loucks’ Landscape Architecture professionals interpret site opportunities, helping clients visualize remarkable site solutions.

Job site

We’re construction lovers at heart. Most of us at Loucks have either worked in it, or around it, somewhere along the way. We enjoy designing and building remarkable projects with clients and colleagues that we’ve often known and worked with for decades.

We understand timelines, and deadlines, and we know how to keep the proverbial ball rolling, always with a laser-like focus on results and our clients. Our portfolio is an ideal blend of private and public work, which helps us serve both sectors better.

We inspire our clients to make the best use of their land, and accomplish this mission in as many different ways as there are disciplines, project types, and people. The bottom line is that we are committed to our clients and one another.

Our sustainable site design practices encourage thoughtful consideration of how People, Water, and Habitat are incorporated into each project.


A well-designed site fosters physical and mental wellness by providing connections to outdoor spaces, equitable access to site features, and multiple modes of transportation.


Water is one of the most precious resources we have in our landscape. Our site design creates ways to treat stormwater on-site to improve water quality and recharge the local groundwater supply.


Loucks’ landscape design considers the greater site context and enhances existing native habitats, removes invasive species, and increases plant diversity and pollinator-friendly species.